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Coping with stay-at-home mom burnout, depression and isolation

By WDAF Sep 22, 2023

Being a stay-at-home mom is often the most fulfilling job in the workplace. It can also be the most difficult one. Stay-at-home moms are more likely to suffer from burnout, guilt, isolation and depression. Dr. Sarah Getch, who heads the psychology department at Kansas City University, shares more.

KCU student takes part in research describing risks of vaping CBD among youth

Sep 15, 2023

A team led by UNMC College of Public Health researchers has published an article that describes the risks of vaping cannabidiol (CBD) among adolescents. Avina Mahorke, KCU-Joplin College of Osteopathic Medicine student who served as a co-author of the study, said that “nearly 6% of the whole cohort did not know if they had vaped CBD or not.”

Kansas City University Named a “2023 Great College to Work For”

Sep 14, 2023

Kansas City University (KCU) is one of the best colleges in the nation to work for, according to the Great Colleges to Work For® program.

What should you know when detecting ovarian cancer?

Sep 14, 2023

Ovarian cancer can cause many symptoms that range from abdominal pain to fatigue. KCU alumna, Kathy Lafavor, DO (COM '06), speaks on the importance of early detection of ovarian cancer. 

Tick season lasts beyond summer

By WDAF Sep 14, 2023

Ticks can cause severe illness, allergies to meat and even death. Now, they are being seen outside of the summer months. KCU's Dr. Gautam Desai explains how to avoid tick bites. 

Score 1 for Health screening event takes place at KCU-Joplin campus

Sep 14, 2023

KCU-Joplin welcomed nearly 150 local fifth graders during a Score 1 for Health screening event. Medical students performed physical assessments and gained valuable clinical experience while the children had a chance to see science in action.

Three best healthy breakfasts

Sep 13, 2023

Greek yogurt provides the calcium and phosphate needed to keep your teeth healthy, Dr. Erinne Kennedy, assistant dean of curriculum and integrated learning for Kansas City University College of Dental Medicine and consumer advisor spokesperson for the American Dental Association, told TODAY.com.

Causes of headache pain

By KSNF Sep 7, 2023

Headaches plague over half the population at some point in their lives. While most are treatable, some headaches can signal a more serious health issue. KCU’s Dr. Ken Stewart explains.

The Science of Solved: A Breathless Pursuit

By Felicia Vaught Sep 1, 2023

Investigators originally thought an extreme asthma attack caused a 21-year-old woman’s death, but the persistence of a future KCU faculty member proved otherwise and brought justice to a Virginia murder victim.

First in Fellowship

By Haley Reardon Sep 1, 2023

Jessica Bass, DO, knew she wanted to become a physician scientist, but she never imagined she would become the first osteopathic physician to secure one of the most prestigious fellowships in the nation.

From Athlete to Physician: The Inspiring journey of Joey Peters, PhD

By Kris Nichols Aug 30, 2023

When Joey Peters arrived on the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) campus in 2012, he was a competitive gymnast with aspirations of participating in the 2020 Olympic Games. Today, he’s a first-year student doctor at Kansas City University (KCU), a testament to his tenacity, resilience and adaptability.

KCU student returns after helping Maui wildfire victims

By Elizabeth Alex Aug 29, 2023

You might think a medical student, miles from her home in Maui would feel helpless as she watched videos of her home island on fire. But “helpless” is not a word that would describe Kenya Sherman. Not by a long shot.